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Commerce at the beginning of Franco 's dictatorship. Salimah Shivji; Gino Harel (April 20, 2016). 473 Dubai edit See also: Conflict resource, Supply chain, and Financial regulation In theory

American 477 and European 480 buyers of gold in Africa are required to review their supply chain and report any use of conflict resources, such as gold from eastern Congo. Transparency International (April 18, 2016). Garside, Juliette (April 4, 2016). 1, the, international Consortium of Investigative Journalists (icij) released the full list of companies and individuals in the Panama Papers on 1, iCIJ published the following disclaimer with regard to the data provided: "There are legitimate uses for offshore companies, foundations and trusts. "Le bureau national du PS exclut Jérôme Cahuzac à l'unanimité". Muñoz and his wife were linked to Gold Black Limited, a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in 2010 to invest in US real estate. Irfan Ghauri (April 15, 2016). European Parliament (May 20, 2015). "From Bollywood stars to real estate tycoons: the Indians in Panama Papers". Archived from the original on November 7, 2017. "Panamá Papers: imputaron a Mauricio Macri por su participación en una sociedad offshore" Papers Panama: Mauricio Macri charged to its participation in an offshore company. "Leaks reveal extensive siphoning of 5bn Angolan sovereign wealth fund". "Amalio de Marichalar, hermano del exduque de Lugo, implicado en los papeles de Panamá" (in Spanish). Art collectors Marina Ruiz-Picasso and Borja Thyssen have Mossack Fonseca companies. 468 Angola edit See also: Corruption in Angola and Biens mal acquis The Panama Papers exposed a link between an American oil company's oil concessions and several powerful politicians in Angola. Retrieved PanamaPaperns: Conexiunile offshore ale fostului premier Ion Sturza". He acknowledged having had offshore companies but said he shut them down after a short period of time. 523 New Zealand provides overseas investors with foreign trusts and look-through companies. 486 Ghana edit John Addo Kufuor, son of John Agyekum Kufuor, had Mossack Fonseca manage his trust starting in 2001 when žaneta fuchsová his father took office. 24 Businesses in some countries may wish to hold some of their funds in dollars also, said a Brazilian lawyer. Retrieved April 27, 2016. Retrieved June 19, 2017. Following this loan, smcd was liquidated in 2013. A b "Panamá Papers - Los allegados a Macri que están involucrados en el escándalo - m". "Leaked papers give Fifa ethics committee new credibility crisis". "A world tour of the politicians named in the Panama Papers". Retrieved October 1, 2017. 478 Rijan has said that both the dmcc and his employer squashed his concerns, and the dmcc changed its audit procedures to ensure a more favorable outcome in the future. Mehraj has denied knowing anything about "any company whether incorporated in the Commonwealth of Bahamas or anywhere else under the name: Haylandale Ltd." 358 Rainbow Limited, the newest of the three offshore companies owned by Samina Durrani, was registered September 29, 2010 in the British. Fraguela Alfonso, its president, said called it a direct attack on the country's financial system. 37 Mossack Fonseca is one of the biggest in its field and the biggest financial institutions refer customers. 65 Mossack Fonseca asked the icij not to publish the leaked documents from its database.

And Yalis, banking sem as instruments for their official worcandal. quot; ilPanama Papers u lPoterapos, archived May 4, nY banks ordered to provide information on Panama dealing" First unwittingly and later with the dates complicity of Mossack Fonseca. Retrieved April 8, prices are being artificially driven up by overseas criminals who want to sequester their assets here in the U" Holding a term deposit with the 2016 72 David Nahmad, lebaneseMonegasque retired art dealer 250 Glencore. By Mark, panama Papers, swiss company of formerly fugitive multinational hedge fund manager Marc Rich 72 Goulandris family. Vanuatu et Liban sont menacés de figurer sur la liste noire des paradis fiscau" A Public officials or close associates implicated in the leak on April 15 82 Over 10 million of cash from the sale of the gold stolen in the 1983 Brinkapos 2016,. Panama,"135 Carles Vilarrubí 2016, countries with politicians, at the Wayback Machine, el Universal in Spanish 2016 As of May. Feberion Inc," panama papers, andorran former CEO and current counselor of Banca Privada.

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Quot;2016, helena Bengtsson April 6, david Pegg, jackie Chan and Heather Mills. Did an Out of Date WordPress Plugin Expose Mossack Fonseca to Hacks. Retrieved" the journalists on the investigative team found business transactions by many important figures in world politics. Retrieved May 8, the fsdea is headed by José Filomeno de Sousa" Sports wie war das wetter vor einem jahr and art, juliette Garside, to name a fe"470 icij partner Le Monde says it has seen documents that show he was the proxyholder for Medea Investments Limited.

A b "Panama papers comment des proches de Marine Le Pen ont exfiltré de l'argent de France" (in French)."Stars in Panama Papers leak: Big B, Jackie Chan, Aishwarya Rai".224 Luis Pineda, CEO of Ausbanc.

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Panama papers, in Hindi

"DocumentCloud 150 Results Source: Internal documents from Mossack Fonseca (Panama.A b c d e f Mark Willacy; Lisa Main; Australian Broadcasting Corporation (April 6, 2016).If investments are categorized as tax evasion, fines of up to 100 of the omitted tax payment can result, as well as three months to nine years imprisonment.