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her dream job as the beauty editor for Conde Nast's Lucky, once one of the hottest fashion and lifestyle magazines for young women. How to Murder Your Life. In

2011, she pushed at what was acceptable to share online by publishing brutally deprecating essays like The Art of Crack-Tractiveness: How to Look and Feel Great on No Sleep and Worst Beauty Editor: I Snorted a Line of Bath Salts Today in the Office. (Is reading this stuff getting repetitive? My father prescribed it. And its because I wasnt being proactive. From: " Reply-To: " Date: Tue, 14:27:55 -0800To: Julie Schott Subject: Re: Cat Marnell's StatusHi Julie:I had seats at a TriBeCa loft where my friend is doing a tasting, but it's completely full now. Marnell writes that she feels embarrassed about how she behaved at xoJane and has realized that all these years she was using drugs to avoid dealing with her issues. By the time I left, I was humbled, lets put it that way. And it wasnt rape or anything. Around that time, Marnells long-winded rant, On Whitney Houstons Death: Why Ill Never Shut Up About My Drug Use, got hashed out all over the web. OpenTable ; they see films, not movies, and he even has her in a luxe new streetwear wardrobe courtesy of the brand he works for. My career popped off when I was sickest, Cat recalls, changing wigs in her bedroom, standing next to a large, unmade bed. Rocco Castoro, Editor-in-Chief. Marnell writes that he spat in her face and threw her into her closet before stealing her white Balenciaga handbag which contained her keys and passport and walking out. Pathetic she says She began writing for xoJane where her frank post about the death of Whitney Houston went viral and turned her into an Internet star. Bright blonde and underweight, with huge kohl-rimmed eyes and a penchant for skimpy clothing, Cat Marnellat least according to Google imageslooks kind of like a Barbie doll thats been dragged around, smeared with makeup, and left on a sidewalk somewhere. . And then the guy I was dating dumped methe guy I am dating, the guy I lovebecause I was such a drug addict, and I almost lost my apartment. Rambling at times, How to Murder Your Life mirrors her many years dosed on speed, for better and for worse. It works in high school and then sort of in college, and then it just completely shut me down.

Earlier this week, telling anyone who would listen most infamously through her shortlived column for Vice that she was spending her advance on drugs. But the drugs just spiraled out of control. And if this masseuse rubs my nipples one more time I will throw. The only wann way anything is interesting is if its controversial.

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Sort, other journalists began to express concern at what exactly was going on behind the scenes at xoJane. I went in and out of consciousness as I had sex for the first time on a bath mat. Some real shit went down in my personal dating life. Marnells struggle to choose ambition over addiction continues to hold her back. A cheese and charcuterie plate, i came down to finish my book proposal. From yoga mats to sheepskin rugs and boxes of diet cereal. Symmetry, truly and ordered room service, cat would stumble into editorial meetings in a Tuleh blazer and designer heels with injection marks in her arms and neck. She has everything organized by shades of pink and white. I work better outside of the city.

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Cat Marnell on Drugs, New Memoir, Coming Back After Rehab

Its going out this week, its my memoir.A Jezebel writer blamed the support of Pratt, as well as her exalting public: Its hard to know what the deal is when we only hear about Cat through her frenetic first-person narratives or through her adoring boss and commenter fan base.Marnell, without a beat, jumps into conversation about her surreal drug binges, celebrity gossip (I know who January Jones baby daddy is!But shes trying to move on from the past.