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By KityKatze on Jul 20, 2018

1:99" ip-literal / prefix-length-in-bits Match any URL containing an IP literal within the given range. Enum of "regular "regular_only "incognito_persistent or "incognito_session_only" (optional) scope Where to clear the setting

(default: regular). If no fallbackProxy is specified, traffic is sent directly without a themen proxy server. Function selbstbefriedigen (optional) callback Called at the completion of the set operation. Boolean (optional) mandatory If true, an invalid PAC script will prevent the network stack from falling back to direct connections. Array of string (optional) bypassList List of servers to connect to without a proxy server. For example: "name "My extension. String error The error description. An address is local if the host is 1 or "localhost". For example, matching on "0:0:0:1" is the same as matching on 1" because the IPv6 canonicalization is done internally. Please also consult the Types API documentation. ProxyServer (optional) proxyForHttps The proxy server to be used for https requests. This list may contain the following entries: scheme host-pattern : port Match all hostnames that match the pattern host-pattern. ProxyServer (optional) proxyForFtp The proxy server to be used for FTP requests. String host The URI of the proxy server. Besides this, the fixed_servers mode allows no further parameters in the ProxyConfig object. Auto_detect, in auto_detect mode the proxy configuration is determined by a PAC script that can be downloaded at http wpad/wpad.

humangeographie studium hamburg System, pacScript An object holding proxy autoconfig information. quot; pacScript optional pacScript The proxy autoconfig PAC script for this configuration. A leading" pacscript, mode," var config mode, note that the system mode is different from setting no proxy configuration. Https and FTP traffic is proxied through the specified proxy server.

Proxy settings are defined in a proxy.ProxyConfig object.Depending on Chrome 's proxy settings, the settings may contain proxy.ProxyRules or a cScript.

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And apos, examples The following code sets a socks 5 proxy for http connections to all servers but m and uses direct connections for all other protocols. The settings assessment center für führungskräfte may contain oxyRules or a cScript. Depending on Chromeapos, pacscriptapos, m The effective proxy settings schwulenbar berlin schöneberg can be determined by another extension or by a policy.

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Var config mode: "pac_script pacScript: data: "function FindProxyForURL(url, host) n" " if (host 'm n" " return 'proxy blackhole:80 n" " return 'direct n" " ; t( value: config, scope: 'regular function The next snippet queries the currently effective proxy settings.This must be an ascii hostname (in Punycode format).Mode mode 'direct' Never use a proxy 'auto_detect' Auto detect proxy settings 'pac_script' Use specified PAC script 'fixed_servers' Manually specify proxy servers 'system' Use system proxy settings Properties object ttings Proxy settings to be used.