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the city's summer festival season. At the beginning of June, the first Gay Pride in Greifswald will push the region into the annual pride season. Stuttgart will follow in

July before CSD Mannheim and CSD Ulm complete the CSD / Gay Pride season in Baden-Württemberg. We will NOT share your personal information with anyone. To support equality, toe to stand up for respect, to continue the heritage. But youll find find plenty of street festivals and parties across the city. Austria and several German states. Halle is located just around the corner from Leipzig. But dont forget to put the CSD in Mönchengladbach, Aachen, Siegen, Duisburg in July as well the CSD in Bonn, the Ruhr CSD in Essen and the last CSD of the season in Münster in August on your pride season travel bucket list. CSD parades in Chemnitz and Leipzig will follow in July to complete the Saxonian CSD season 2019. Beginning with the CSD in Paderborn at the end of May, the German lgbt community can plan to attend gay pride festivals almost weekly starting with the CSD in Düsseldorf, the 2nd edition of the CSD Hamm, the CSD in Recklinghausen, the CSD in Wuppertal. Undoubtedly the biggest lgbtq Pride event of the region is taking place in the German financial capital Frankfurt am Main. Starting with the CSD in Osnabrück already in April, the next gay pride will take place in the capital city in May followed by the neighbor city of Bremen, Oldenburg in June. You might have attended Berlin Pride in the past years already, but there are more CSD parades in this region. Main is also the hosting city of the first gay pride festival of the pride season in Rheinland-Pfalz, called Sommerschwüle. Currently, the Pride month consists of about one hundred different social, cultural, athletic and political events in different areas of Chicagochoral concerts, workshops, dances, picnics, plays, movies, runs, festivals, and, of course, the annual Pride Parade. CSD Hamburg Pride: Gay Pride Parade: August 3rd, 2019 CSD Bremen Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Bremen: August 31st, 2019 CSD in Hamburg CSD Gay Pride Calendar Germany 2019 Hesse (Hessen) In the German state Hesse, the lgbt community is organizing five CSD from the.

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Just another reason to visit this cultural region and to support the local lgbtq community. The capital of the state Brandenburg Potsdam is kicking off the pride frühlingsfest season in the northeastern part of Germany in May followed by the city lgbtq parade in Cottbus in June. Our favorite kiss urlaub during Pride Amsterdam Gay Pride Calendar Germany.

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Lesbian 2019 CSD Nuremberg Nürnberg Pride, cSD in Berlin, gay Pride Week. Transgender and queer people under the Rainbow and make. Gay Pride Parade, gay Pride Parade, is located. The CSD in Kiel is next on the gay pride agenda with pride parade berlin its lgbt demonstration and festivities in July. Gay Pride Parade 2019 csdpolitical Parade July 13th, gay Pride Week.

Germany legalized Same-sex Marriage in autumn 2017?CSD Paderborn Pride: Gay Parade in Paderborn May 25th, 2019 CSD Düsseldorf  Pride: Gay Parade in Düsseldorf May 31st to 2nd, 2019 CSD Hamm Bunter Hammer Straßenfest Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Hamm June 15th, 2019 CSD Recklinghausen Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Recklinghausen June.Tip: Karl is shaved!

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CSD Jena Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Jena: June 15th, 2019 CSD Weimar Pride : Gay Parade in Weimar: June 22th, 2019 CSD Erfurt/ Mitteldeutschland Pride : Gay Pride Parade August 24th, 2019 CSD Gera Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Gera: September 14th, 2019 CSD.CSD Osnabrück Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Osnabrück April 27th, 2019 CSD Hannover Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Hannover June 8th to 20th, 2019 CSD Oldenburg/ Nordwest Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Oldenburg June 15th, 2019 CSD Cloppenburg Pride: Gay Pride Parade in Cloppenburg June.Just a few weeks later, CSD parades are held in Kassel and Darmstadt.