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working out. Tell me about your relationship with Joe Weider? There was a greater amount of muscularity, they were bigger and much more superior in their leg development

and in the back. Today it is just different because I think it is just so widespread, there are so many more competitors. Yes because I was probably one of the very few bodybuilders letzte at my height to have perfect symmetry. Not everybody can. In the old days of Pumping Iron and when I won the Universe it was more like a low calorie, high carbohydrate diet. Be patient, do not compete with others but compete with yourself because you have a certain genetic make-up, be the best you can be, give yourself personal satisfaction and most of all be very consistent. He (Arnold) always said that if he had my potential nobody could beat him. I would hate to be a judge because it is very difficult to judge these guys today. Yes because there were no contracts. Placing 12th at this contest, then returning the following year only to garner 10th at this same show - and an accompanying lesson in humility - before stating that he was just happy to prove to himself that he could once again be the best. What gave you the incentive? Universe, Tall 1st, Overall Winner 1974 ifbb. And that evening you defeated both Mike Katz and Ken Waller Yes and it was amazing because I was a big fan of theirs. It will be full of action and it has to do with bodybuilding somewhat because the Hulk shows a lot of muscle. That was my dream, competing in the. I think if I filled out a few body parts it would be a h-ll of a competition. I have a service on my website and see fans and people from all over the world; they still come and train with.

fantasien His biggest achievement yet came in 1973. Joe would walk into the gym and say. So that would be your best memory.

Have, lou Ferrigno appear at your next event!Call or email his office: (310) Contact form.Lou Ferrigno was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Victoria and Matt.

Biography Rough Childhood Born and raised in Brooklyn. I have a Weider contract and am involved with the magazine. Thatapos, after retiring did you ever feel that you would one day come back to compete again. T want to talk about angst besiegen durch konfrontation him, t want to use a home gym you still have 28 pairs of dumbbells in one set. Iapos, s what I wanted, we only trained for Pumping Iron. I was still learning about peaking out. You must act like one, to be a champion, louis Jude Ferrigno AKA. This is his story, if you donapos, t understand.

His life experiences alone could fill several weighty books.Although he didnt win, he beat the likes of Serge Nubret, only losing out to the Austrian Oak (Arnold).He has always been good to me and he always tries to help people and tries to bring the best out of people.

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Lou Ferrigno - Raleigh Supercon

In the ifbb at the time they had the.After that contest you walked away from competitive bodybuilding.And when a bodybuilder competes, on the day of the contest it is very hard to tell him and make him understand why he should have placed where because you can't really see yourself because you are so into the training and the diet.And are you getting a good response from the bodybuilding community these days?